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Satisfy customers. Generate more leads. Boost occupancy.

Make all the difference to your property listings with
Air Sketchers – highly attractive 3D descriptive floor plans, sketches and infographics designed especially for you. Air Sketchers is a design service continually seeking ways for you to maximise the potential of your property through meaningful and effective visual communication to your prospective tenants or customers.

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Customers need as much information about the property as possible to see if the room and space
fits their lifestyle and other specific requirements. Here is how Air Sketchers can help.

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Boost occupancy

Increase customer satisfaction by helping them visualize how they would spend their holiday in your property.

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Help your customer save time

Customers make faster and more accurate decisions by understanding the property better.

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Add value to your service

A 3D plan layout can answer questions the customer might not even think to ask.

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Simple, fast and affordable

We are the first to offer a service that can convert pictures into a 3D layout at a price of less than 1 night rental.

“71% of travellers say architectural floor plans of the property help them make easier decision when choosing a vacation rental”

* From blog survey, 2014

Matt Landau

Air Sketchers

for Agencies and Professional

We welcome agencies and professionals from all over the world.

Please contact us today for bulk order special discounts or possibility of partnership.


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